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Building Material
Industrial Recycling Services

Global Fiberglass Solutions has experience in recycling fiberglass and composite fiber from wind turbines, boats, and industrial scrap.

ECOPOLYCRETE (EPC) is a construction material suitable to a number of uses including building materials, railways, roadways, and other applications.

Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc. (GFS) is an industrial recycling and green manufacturing firm headquartered at Highlands Campus Tech Centre in Bothell, Washington. We focus on the growing demand for resource recovery of recyclable materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber and create recycled products through a proprietary system. Our goal is to reduce the surplus of non-decomposing waste that goes into landfills and the carbon footprint of industry players throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world. With our extensive experience in producing innovative solutions for resource recovery, GFS stands at the forefront of the fiberglass and carbon fiber recycling industry. We believe that there is absolutely no downside in using clean waste technology.

Today, we are collaborating with international fiberglass manufacturers as well as local and national government agencies to build and manage facilities for collecting and recycling fiberglass. The recycled material has been used in producing railroad ties, utility poles, particle board and other post-consumer products, which are themselves recyclable and more durable than many alternatives. We are at the forefront of developing technology that can change the way we dispose of millions of pounds of non-decomposing materials.

Services worldwide.

In addition to its Bothell headquarters, GFSI has offices in Richmond Canada, Corby England, Royal City Washington, and Sweetwater Texas.

Established 2009.

Don Lilly
Co-Founder and CEO
Washington State University
Materials Science

Collaboration with Washington State University

Wood Materials and Engineering Laboratory

Washington State University, Pullman, WA

Co-Founder and CEO of Global Fiberglass Solutions, Inc.

Washington State based recycling and FRP manufacturing solution. Co-Inventor & Patent holder of Process Methods of Recycled Fiber Related Materials.


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