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Industrial Recycling

Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc. has experience in recycling industrial and manufacturing scrap material.

(425) 483-1303

Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc. has worked with a number of manufacturers to recycle and reuse the leftover material from industrial manufacturing operations. This process prevents waste material from entering the landfill or incinerator and allows new products to be created.

This provides an environmentally sustainable alternative for reuse of material formerly considered industrial waste. New products are created that  can then be resold in consumer or industrial settings. This is an alternative to placing scrap material in the landfill or incinerator.

Global Fiberglass Solutions has worked with manufacturers from a number of industries including airline manufacturers, wind turbine manufacturers, vehicle manufactures, housing product manufacturers, and others.

We specialize in recycling:

• Manufacturing scrap, trimmings, and overruns

• Industrial waste and leftovers

• Quality control rejects

• Molded fiberglass or carbon fiber scrap

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