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June 26, 2015:

Seattle Based Company Receives Fiberglass Recycling Patent

Seattle, WA – Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc. (GFSI) announces that it has successfully applied for and received a full patent for the recycling of fiberglass scrap.


The patent encompasses various methods of producing particles of fiber and resin from fiber-resin composite materials as well as combining the particles with a resin system and optionally combine them with fillers, binders or reinforcements to produce new cured solid composite products.


Global Fiberglass Solutions has been using these methods for a number of years to recycle fiberglass from wind blades and other sources such as boats. The resulting fiberglass particles are being used to manufacture a variety of composite products such as utility poles and packaging material. Global Fiberglass Solution’s customers are using GFSI services to reduce the percentage of their waste material that goes to landfills and also to implement cradle-to-cradle solutions for their operations. In addition to fiberglass GFSI has also successfully integrated carbon fiber waste streams into their recycling and production setup.


According to CEO Don Lilly, GFSI’s patented process combined with innovative machinery efficiently takes fiberglass and carbon fiber waste streams from efficient shredding and grinding to manufacturing commercially ready high-grade products. The resulting production material, Ecopolycrete, is suitable for a whole range of green manufacturing applications and products, that are expected to have a significant impact on reducing the practice of landfilling fiberglass and carbon fiber scrap from wind blades and other sources.


About Global Fiberglass Solutions, Inc.

As a Fiberglass Recycling, Material Science, and Green Manufacturing Company, Global Fiberglass Solutions’ primary business goal is the development and production of high quality, non-polluting infrastructure products from recycled fiberglass and carbon fiber. Their national and international recycling and manufacturing facilities are being planned and built in cooperation with major industrial partners, securing a profitable cradle-to-cradle system while removing  fiberglass materials  from waste streams and landfills. GFSI is headquartered in Bothell, Washington, with offices in Richmond, Canada and Corby, England.

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