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May 31, 2016:

Composites Recycling  - By Land, by Sea, by Air


Bothell, WA –Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc. (GFS) has announced that it has successfully grown its recycling and manufacturing operation to cover the repurposing of fiberglass and carbon fiber from sources as diverse as wind turbine blades, boat hulls and airplane cabins - by land, by sea, by air.


GFS has developed innovative recycling technologies and processes that help industrial companies reduce their environmental footprint by keeping their materials from being disposed of in landfills. Instead they transfer scrap fiberglass and carbon fiber to GFS for use in the production of infrastructure and building products such as wall and floor panels, manhole covers and utility poles.

According to GFS CEO Don Lilly, the company’s patented process can take carbon fiber and fiberglass recyclables from efficient shredding and grinding to manufacturing commercially competitive products.

He further emphasizes that GFS has gained valuable experience in determining and advancing the technologies necessary to be able to recover materials from challenging sources such as wind turbine blades that can be 170-feet long and 22,000 lbs. or derelict boats that are still in, and sometimes even under, water. Other recyclables used by GFS include fiberglass from the manufacturing of window and door frames and prepreg material from the production of airplane parts.


GFS’s base composite material made from these recyclables, Ecopolycrete, is suitable for a large range of green manufacturing applications and has a significant impact on reducing the practice of landfilling carbon fiber and fiberglass scrap. Testing conducted for products manufactured from Ecopolycrete showed a very high fire and water resistance as well as overall superior mechanical and physical properties compared to many currently used materials such as wood composites.


About Global Fiberglass Solutions, Inc.

As a Recycling and Green Manufacturing Company, Global Fiberglass Solutions focuses primarily on the production of high quality, non-polluting infrastructure products from recycled fiberglass and carbon fiber. In cooperation with major industrial partners, their recycling and manufacturing operations provide cradle-to-cradle repurposing solutions to divert recyclables from landfills. GFSI is headquartered in Bothell, Washington, with sales offices in Richmond, Canada and Corby, England.

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