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Recycling fiberglass and making new products

Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc. has experience in recycling fiberglass waste into new products such as

building materials, roadway materials, railroad ties, and others.

Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc. has a patented process for recycling fiberglass, grinding it into recyclable feedstock, and reusing the material in new products. This alternative creates an fully contained system rather than disposal in landfills or incineration.

This provides an environmentally sustainable alternative for the recycling of fiberglass products that have outlived their functional lifespan. New products are then created that can be resold in consumer or industrial settings.

We specialize in:

• On site removal of spent windmill blades, boats, and industrial scrap

• Transportation of scrap to a processing facility

• Separating various materials from the scrap

• Grinding of the fiberglass into reusable feedstock

• Creating new products from the feedstock

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