Decommissioning Wind Turbines

Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc. has experience in decommissioning and recycling wind turbines.

Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc has decommissioned and recycled a number of wind turbine blades that have outlived their lifespan. The lifespan of a typical wind turbine is 15 to 20 years, though the fiberglass can last well over 400 years in a landfill.

This process provides an environmentally sustainable alternative for reuse of wind turbine blades that are damaged or non-functional. New products are created that  can then be resold in consumer or industrial settings. This alternative to placing scrap material in the landfill or incinerator creates a sustainable solution for fiberglass waste.

We specialize in:

• On site removal of wind turbine blades

• Transportation of the structure after dissassembly

• Cutting down of the wind turbine blades

• Grinding of the blades into reusable feedstock

• Creating new products from the feedstock

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